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May, 2024

Our region

Our region

The pure mountain air ...

At an altitude of 500 meters in the heart of Beira Alta, the Hotel Montemuro - Termas do Carvalhal is framed by the beautiful landscapes of the mountains of Montemuro and Arada and the hydrographic basins of the Vouga and Paiva rivers.

Immersed in this fantastic natural environment and 200 meters from the thermal resort of Termas do Carvalhal, Hotel Montemuro is a reference unit that provides its visitors with memorable experiences and moments of tranquility and pleasure, ideal to recover energy and discover the charms that this beautiful region has to offer you.

The region of Dão-Lafões, district of Viseu, has unique characteristics for lovers of tourism, which are reflected in the fantastic natural heritage, in the rich architectural and historical legacy, passing through the tasty gastronomy, which is the hallmark of the entire region. The beauty and natural resources of the mountain at your service.

Termas do Carvalhal

Termas do Carvalhal has a modern spa, swimming pool, tennis court and picnic area. Its waters are sought after for skin, digestive and respiratory diseases, rheumatic diseases and are a great resting place. With frankly mineralized waters, in the Spa we can find health and wellness programs and activities.

Serra de São Macário

The Serra de São Macário is an elevation of mainland Portugal, with 1052 m of altitude (in Alto de São Macário), is part of the commonly known massif of Gralheira. It is located just over 10 km north of São Pedro do Sul and is spread over its leafy native forests and almost empty villages, where the village of Pena stands out. Its beauty and history deserve its discovery with a walk or bicycle ride. There are two chapels in the mountains, the chapel of São Macário and Santa Maria Madalena, where some of the most popular popular pilgrimages take place.

Regional Gastronomy

Regional cuisine is one of the attractions that will fill your stay. Of the typical gastronomic offer, in addition to sausages and local products, there are some specialties that will provide you with moments of high gustatory pleasure:

Montemuro Goat

Arouquesa veal

Bean Rice with Salpicão

Escabeche Trout from Rio Paiva

Torresmada à Montemuro

Carolas with Beans and Pig's Head (Carnaval)

Sarrabulho Popes

Rotten Cake (Easter Folar)

Points of interest

Here are some suggestions for points of interest in the region:

Castro Daire

The village of Castro Daire is located on the top of a hill, its place name originates from an old fort that was on the highest part of this place. It is known that Romans lived here due to the appearance of epigraphic documents.

Castro Daire Mother Church

The construction of the current Igreja Da Castro Church will have started at the end of the century. 17th, early 18th century, replacing a medieval church with the same invocation (S. Pedro).

In the current church dominate the artistic styles typical of the century. XVIII, including Baroque and Rococo.

Viewpoint Network

The municipality of Castro Daire is endowed with incredible viewpoints that allow visitors to observe the surroundings of this location from different perspectives, allowing them to capture all its natural beauty.

Often accompanied by chapels, they are a must visit for admirers of the most beautiful natural landscapes.

Castro Daire Traditional Museum

Within the traditions of the region, the handicraft that stands out in the Castro Daire region stands out. Within the handicraft products, the artisans of the region stand out in the arts of Basketry, Olive Oil and Weaving. These and other handcrafted products are on display at the Castro Daire Traditional Museum.

Botanical Park of Vila Nova de Paiva

One of the emblematic projects in the municipality of Vila Nova de Paiva and certainly one of the most important among those developed in recent decades. More than a thousand botanical species are found there, arranged by families, ethnobotanical and industrial uses, medicinal properties and aromatic characteristics.

Pena Village

Located in the neighborhood of Castro Daire and São Pedro do Sul, in the interior of the Serra de São Macário, immersed in a deep valley, the village of Pena is diluted in a fantastic natural setting. Considered one of the most beautiful Portuguese schist villages, with 6 inhabitants and 10 dwellings, it is a must-visit place in the region.

Viseu Cathedral

Located in Viseu, the district capital considered one of the best cities to live in, the Sé Catedral reveals itself as a harmonious ensemble, the result of successive interventions by different builders, who left the marks of their time on the structure of the church.

Activities and Traditions

Parties and Fairs

Throughout the year, you can find in the region several cultural events, popular festivals, trade and craft fairs, religious festivals, in addition to the well-known pilgrimages that allow visitors to learn more about the region's history and culture.

Check the dates on here.

Medieval Fair of Hands

The Medieval Fair of Mões is a Historical Recreation of Medieval Age that is organized annually in Vila de Mões. In addition to being a live history class, we live the spirit of the time, interacting with the figures of the past, who present manners and uses typical of the Middle Ages. See the annual program on here.

S. Mateus Fair

Arriving August, Viseu has a renewed and different pulse. With over 600 years of history, The São Mateus fair brings together traditions, animations, traditional commerce, music shows, dances and singing, cinema, among other contemporary and traditional activities. See the program on here.


Tourist routes and itineraries

The region offers several hiking trails and tourist routes where you can enjoy the air, the landscapes and the natural environment, while gaining health while walking.

See here some of the most popular itineraries on here.

São Tiago Way: Viseu-Castro Daire section

In the municipality, you can take the stretch of the São Tiago trail that starts at the Cabrum stream crossing forest, agricultural and rural areas, highlighting the richness of the cultural and religious heritage along the way, as well as the natural and scenic heritage.

MTB Routes

Aiming at the high interest of BTT lovers in exploring the Portuguese Interior Way of Santiago, the Municipality of Castro Daire made a lifting of the Castro Daire section (Viseu -> Lamego) in mountain biking, in order to find out which are the greatest difficulties and the greatest dangers that this Trail offers to mountain biking.

Vila Nova de Paiva Go-Kart Track

Gather family and friends and challenge them to a Karts race. Take a break to get your adrenaline pumping and join children and adults on this kilometer of unpaved track. The Kartódromo provides you with all the equipment.

See more information at site.

Carvalhais Biopark

The Pisão Biopark in Carvalhais, combines resting places with leisure and adrenaline spaces, in magnificent communion with a wide variety of species and plants, which can be enjoyed through its pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle or jeep routes.

Ephemeral Gardens

The Ephemeral Gardens is an emerging event that takes place in the city of Viseu and that for seven days and seven nights, decorates the main and oldest historic streets of the city and where you can discover multiple manifestations and cultural practices. Usually organized in July.

See the program on here.